15 Mar 2008

Stand out

The past few years when I go shopping, I come to the same conclusion: no matter to which area of Athens I am, I come across the same shops, owned by the same brands, international or greek. So I will have to buy the same dress or gift regardless if I go shopping near my house, or downtown or to the other side of the city, I will end up with the same things in my bags. But I suspect that would happen even if I had to travel to other Greek or even European cities, I would meet the same signs in front of me again and again. It seems so difficult to find little shops owned by people with real love for clothes, or accessories or home items who don't face their shop just as business but enjoy making it stand out, trying to find special items and daring to go out of major trends. Personally I am still looking for that shop, at least as far as it concerns clothes (for jewelry I have a couple in mind). I am not saying they don't exist, but they are very rare for sure. They probably couldn't stand competition and were eaten up by big labels. And what must a girl do if she wants to look different from the crowd? Browse the net looking for beautiful, handmade things made by independent talented artists who simply can't produce more than a few pieces and put all their creativity in them. And of course she should start from Etsy, where she could discover treasures. Take a look:


ingermaaike said...

Yes I too love the fact that on etsy at least you can buy unique things. I make most of my own clothes as none of the big brands cater to my taste.

StaroftheEast said...

I find it difficult to find different things, so I often make cloths myself. I'm lucky that I often travel to Holland and Spain and the textile in Turkey is not bad at all :)

karlita said...

I so know the feeling - that's why i love to shop on etsy too!! :):) (and thanks for showing my scarf)