7 Mar 2008

Hearts in Athens

For almost 2 months now the center of Athens has been a more beautiful place. Big hearts, painted by known and less known artists, adorn squares, streets, buildings, parks, metro stations. The 115 hearts will be sold in an auction which will be held for charity purposes. To learn more visit Hearts in Athens.

Εδώ και δύο μήνες περίπου το κέντρο της Αθήνας είναι ομορφότερο. Μεγάλες καρδιές, ζωγραφισμένες από γνωστούς και λιγότερο γνωστούς καλλιτέχνες, στολίζουν πλατείες, δρόμους, κτίρια, πάρκα, σταθμούς του μετρό. Οι 115 καρδιές θα πουληθούν σε μία δημοπρασία που θα γίνει για φιλανθρωπικούς σκοπούς. Για να μάθετε περισσότερα επισκεφθείτε το Hearts in Athens.


ingermaaike said...

Beatiful hearts!

StaroftheEast said...

Oh that's beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

kraplap said...

that looks stunning !!!

glasfaden said...

Beautiful hearts!
The city, where I live, have started a similar action 2 years ago or even longer: garden gnome. But to pick garden gnome was a wrong decision, since many people don't like them and many other people collect them. So it came to a "battle". Some gnomes were stolen, some ruined. Sad! Our neighbor city in Switzerland has picked swan - much better :)