18 Dec 2019

16 Dec 2013

Holiday decoration on the stove

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I started decorating the house last week but so far I didn't have the time to post anything. The first spot I chose to decorate was the top of the stove which last year was left completely bare. I didn't do something special just recycled some things from last year's holiday mantel in a more rustic way.

I mixed the painted pinecones with natural ones in a zink basin and added some balls.

If you asked me I would stop here.

But the children always like some extra shine so we added the stars in the end.

4 Dec 2013


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Normally I should post something related to holiday decoration, instead today 's post is in absolute contrast to what is going outside my window: cold, rain and a crazy wind that has swept away everything that was standing on our porch.

As November was ending I realized that I hadn't made anything to decorate the house for fall. Too late! The living room looked to me boring but with Christmas approaching I had to bear with it until I started decorating for the holidays. Luckily Petridis put me out of my misery by sending me this amazing bouquet of mixed flowers!

31 Oct 2013

The remains of a wardrobe part 2: the mirror

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Hello everyone!

It still feels like summer here at least in the morning so I admit I wasn't inspired to do any fall decoration at all.
Instead I will show you a mirror I made out of an old wardrobe door a couple of months ago. It is not a complete tutorial, more of a before and after post with some tips. Except I forgot to take a picture of the before.

16 Oct 2013

I want it all! Beautiful handmade jewelry

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What could make me feel a lot better this rainy day? Of course my favorite game of searching for beautiful handmade jewelry by talented people around the web. Style does not matter, only imagination, originality and flawless execution. Enjoy!

23 Sept 2013

How to use your summer mementos to decorate your house

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Hello everyone!

It's the end of September and I know that this blog was away for a very long holiday! To tell you the truth I didn't plan it exactly like this. At first I thought that even after the schools were closed I would be able to keep a part of my daily schedule and write at least a few posts. A few days later I had totally changed my mind. I had to keep the kids entertained at least a few hours per day, and to be honest I found myself totally incapable and reluctant to resist the blissful indolence of greek summer. I remind you that we live 500 meters from the beach, can you blame me? I was never known for my self-discipline anyway.

And now here I am, full of new appetite to discover beautiful things and creative ideas and share them with you. Together with some, not much, diy I did around the house, the few times I decided to interrupt my relaxation.

I thought that the best way to reboot is to look for ideas to use our summer mementos in our home's decoration. Here's what I found:

7 Jun 2013

Favorites from the internet

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Another week is ending and we are heading to the first weekend of June which is already full with friends's gatherings, school shows and some diy plans. These are a few of the things I liked this week, you 'll find a couple of crafting tutorials if you feel like dedicating a few hours to make something this weekend:

Handmade sake cups by sewZinski 

5 Jun 2013

What I made yesterday

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Yesterday I felt like making something. Something easy and relaxing while watching tv. And I made this stack of beaded bracelets. Nothing sophisticated, the simplest of bracelets one can make. They become special though when they are combined all together. I used lava beads, crystal beads, dyed coral beads and greek ceramic beads and paid some extra attention to the color combination.

Tip: Combine something shiny and glittery with mat, earthy materials in order to make the combination stand out.

4 Jun 2013

Ceramics love

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Hello friends! Many days have passed since my last post. This is partly due to the fact that a big part of my time is spent on this and partly to the season of distraction has just started. Not that I am a person known for its self discipline but how can you resist to friends' requests for a walk on the beach (we live near the sea)? Can you say no to friends asking if the might visit you for coffee and catching up in the garden under the olive tree? No, you can't and you don't want to. So I have to decide that probably the next three months will not be as productive as I would like them to be. Of course the most counter productive factor of the season will be added soon: schools will close in a few days. 

Today I want to share with you my love for ceramics. I took pottery lessons for 2 years in my 20's and loved it. In fact I was seriously considering to do it proffesionally but finally decided that it was too tough and dirty for me. I really respect and admire ceramists. There is a lot of experimentation and work behind every beautiful piece of pottery. Here are a few of them I have discovered:


Shan Anabelle Valla 

17 May 2013

Outdoor decor ideas

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Hello dear readers! It's still rainy here but soon we will be spending more time outside than inside the house. Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite ideas to decorate a balcony or a garden, whether you love natural, subtle colors, or want  a more colorful and bold outdoor space.