4 Jun 2013

Ceramics love

ελληνικό κείμενο

Hello friends! Many days have passed since my last post. This is partly due to the fact that a big part of my time is spent on this and partly to the season of distraction has just started. Not that I am a person known for its self discipline but how can you resist to friends' requests for a walk on the beach (we live near the sea)? Can you say no to friends asking if the might visit you for coffee and catching up in the garden under the olive tree? No, you can't and you don't want to. So I have to decide that probably the next three months will not be as productive as I would like them to be. Of course the most counter productive factor of the season will be added soon: schools will close in a few days. 

Today I want to share with you my love for ceramics. I took pottery lessons for 2 years in my 20's and loved it. In fact I was seriously considering to do it proffesionally but finally decided that it was too tough and dirty for me. I really respect and admire ceramists. There is a lot of experimentation and work behind every beautiful piece of pottery. Here are a few of them I have discovered:


Shan Anabelle Valla 

Lars Rank


zina said...

I love ceramics too and I admire all the beautiful finds in your post!

STARDUST said...

Αχ μα τι όμορφα!