4 Dec 2013


 ελληνικό κείμενο

Normally I should post something related to holiday decoration, instead today 's post is in absolute contrast to what is going outside my window: cold, rain and a crazy wind that has swept away everything that was standing on our porch.

As November was ending I realized that I hadn't made anything to decorate the house for fall. Too late! The living room looked to me boring but with Christmas approaching I had to bear with it until I started decorating for the holidays. Luckily Petridis put me out of my misery by sending me this amazing bouquet of mixed flowers!

Don't we usually say that it 's the small things that make us happy? Well, flowers is one of those small things for me, especially when they are so beautifully put together.

I decided to play a little and took off the lilac wrap but the only vase I had in a suitable size was a plain glass one. It took me two minutes to dress it with a piece of burlap and some natural rope and red ribbon wrapped around it.

It 's a cliche that a bouquet of flowers can enliven a space but it is so true. For more than a week the flowers standing in one corner kept catching my eye every time I passed by and made me think how prettier they made the whole living room.

I hope I will be back soon with some Christmas crafting.


Meeha Meeha said...

The bouquet is breathtaking, you are one lucky girl! And of course, i love the simplicity and rich texture of burlap - the more I think about it, the more I think you can re-use the wrapping with pine branches, when the flowers have withered. This way you are all set for Christmas - and with red ribbon, too!

TinaA said...

Yes! I will probably do something with it.