15 Dec 2012

The little world of The Little Shop (and a gift)

ελληνικό κείμενο

Today I am very happy to introduce Hara and her Little Shop, a magical place that like her name (which means joy in greek) gives joy with handmade items full of romantism, color and creativity. 

But let's hear what Hara has to say about herself and her journey in the land of design and handmade creations:

My name is  Hara Mantzavinou ane and I will take you to a trip to my own fairytale world with my creations and my little shop as a ticket. 

My story begins since my childhood while I always remember myself getting involved with colors, papers, watercolors, pastels and brushes. Growing up I realized that the field of design and creative expression is what suits me. Enrolling in the graphic design section of the Faculty of Graphic and Artistic Studies, I continued my creative journey in design and illustration. I moved on with studies on web design which became my profession for some years. 

Seeking new ways to express my artistic quest I came in contact with jewelry, decoration and hancdmade creations. Combining my knowledge, my techniques, my aesthetics and my imagination, I tried to create a world full of colors and stories. My inspiration comes out of the blue and gives me creative boost. I may be inspired by a childhood memory, something that moved me or made me laugh, from a moment in the city, a song, a movie, a fairy tale, from the romantic state of mind that characterizes me. From a beautiful moment.

Two years ago I created a space to nest my imagination and aesthetic. Μy workshop and artistic shop are located here and within the short time I also work online, I realized that there are people who react positively to what I have created, and this gives me joy and strength. I hope that my creative expression continues to communicate with the public and to build a strong relationship. 


In my creations I use various materials such as metal, fabric, wood, paper, canvas, colors and others and the techniques I apply are illustration, collage, mixed techniques, free hand drawing, metal processing, restoration, felting, jewelry making, sewing, creative composition with various materials and graphics and all of these apply on decorative objects, jewelry, accessories, fabric creations, gifts and paintings for children etc. 

One can visit www.thelittleshop.gr or my off line shop to find a special handmade gift, jewelry or accessory but also selected decorative items and original gifts for children and babies. In my workshop you will find handmade items that are created in our workshop and other special items we select one by one.  

I feel lucky because I do something that I can express myself through it… having all the support from my family but also of the people who little by little get to know my work and support it.

I am a small Greek business woman and designer and besides the tough times I persist in my dreams and a better professional future.

I believe though that in order to conquer the future we diserve, it takes persistence and collectivity and to support greek products and creativity. 

he Little Shop, 25th Martiou st. 1, Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece www.thelittleshop.gr

Hara is giving away this cute Christmas special gift (giveaway open to Greece residents only). The giveaway is open until Wednesday 12/19, at 12 am.

Leave a comment with your favorite handmade item from The Little Shop and win an extra entry by liking The Little Shop on Facebook.