17 Jan 2012

Nursery painting

ελληνικό κείμενο

Last summer one of my best friends gave birth to twin boys. Before that, she had asked me to paint their room. And so I did. We decided for a theme that wouldn't be just for babies, but one that, we hope, will look interesting to the boys until they go to school. Unfortunately the pictures are not good, but you will get an idea. The sure thing is I enjoyed it very much and hope the babies will live their first years in this room very happily.

What you probably won't see in the above pictures is that the blue clouds, the three little houses, the helicopter, and the three trees are made of thick cardboard covered with fabric, trims and fabric hardener for protection, which gives a slight three dimensional effect. As soon as I get the chance to take more detailed pictures, I will post them here, together with other kids rooms I have painted in the past.

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