10 Jun 2009


I find fabric bunting to be a very charming decorative object, not only as an occasional festive decoration but as a permanent element which can add grace and color to a not so graceful space, apart from the kids room which would be the most obvious place to hang one, a corridor, a kitchen, the exterior of the house. For some reason it brings to mind summer and joyful moments, something you would love to have in your home for sure. Last year I made one to decorate the gate of the church where my second son's baptism took place, instead of the usual flower decoration, and I loved it. Probably the photographer didn't, because there is no picture where my bunting is visible. But I can show you some other. Mine now hangs in the kids' room in our summer house.


jek in the box

Chez Larsson

If you want to make your own bunting click here for a step by step tutorial.


antigoni said...

για να σου δωσω κατι να ασχολεισαι...σου δινω το "Lovely Blog Award"...:))))

πρεπει να δεις το ποστ μου για τα υπολοιπα...

creationsbyeve said...

πολύ όμορφεσ οι γιρλάντες!!!
φτου με πρόλαβε η Αντιγόνη!!!το πήρες εισ διπλούν το βραβείο ;))

ChinaCatSunflower said...

Ένα Βραβείο σε περιμένει στο SofterrOr.


Anonymous said...

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ChinaCatSunflower said...

Ένα βραβείο σας περιμένει στο http://softerror.blogspot.com/

Cathie said...

I love bunting aswell!
gorgeous pictures.