12 Jul 2008

How to make a new bangle out of an old bangle

Trying unsuccessfully to organize my drawers I found this old plain wooden bangle. I felt like playing a little and make something with it so I searched a little more and found some tulle, half a meter of trim and some beads and sequins in matching colors.

I put a little glue for fabrics on the bangle, waited a couple of minutes and wrapped the trim around it.

I cut 5 pieces of tulle measuring 10cm x 28cm, folded in half the first one and folded again over the bangle.

I pleated it and with a fine fishing line and some random stitches I secured the piece of tulle on the bangle. I went on with the other 4 pieces.

Finally I sewed on the sequins and the beads, with fishing line too.

Et voila!
A special, little extravagant I must admit, accessory for a warm summer evening out.


Kreativlink said...

Amazing what one can do with that few things. Great :)

kraplap said...

looks great !!!

ixela said...

This bangle is simply stunnig... great idea and wonderful done!!!