12 Jul 2008

Granny's revenge : crochet

If in the past you looked down on your grandmother's crochet creations considering them too conservative and unsophisticated it's time to change your mind. Thanks to talented crafters and designers, crochet is getting renovated and isn't any more a technique to make boring doilies but in the contrary the way to hip garments and accessories which can totally uplift your looks. Take a look to the pictures below and you 'll see what I mean.

Well, do you think about taking up crochet lessons?


panyizsuzsi said...

Fantastic Selection. It is incredible!

PA said...

fabulous!! I tried as a little girl to learn crochet and just couldn't get it at all! these crafters are very inspiring!!

StaroftheEast said...

Awesome findings! My new fav is Rubypearl and saw also some old favs :)

Unknown said...

yey for crochet! it is truly great craft, very versatile.
and thanks so much for feature :)

ixela said...

Wonderful blog post... adorable creations... yes crochet can be really so up-to-date!!!
Thank you so much for the feature Tina... so kind :)