24 May 2008

My 15 minutes of fame

This feels great! I am featured in greek Lucky magazine's June's issue, as "designer of the month". I don't know if this will mean anything for my business, for the moment I am just enjoying it. They also put a link of my shop on their site.


StaroftheEast said...

Congrats!!! The article looks great! Hope it will bring you trafic to your shop :)

Anonymous said...

Σε "διάβασα" σε μια παραλία της Ύδρας και έχω ενθουσιαστεί!
Θέλουμε κι άλλα σκουλαρήκια με παρτιτούρες!!!!!!!!!!!

antigoni said...

Αντε βρε! τωρα που το ειδα το συνειδητοποιω!!!!

Nafsika said...

Mpravo re sy!!!