14 May 2008

Creative jewelry display

I am looking for ideas to creatively display jewelry. I don't want to buy one, just something I could make myself, and of course should be beautiful, original, easy, fast and cheap to make. Look what I found:

Some more ideas with great style in Martha Stewart's site:

Here you will find a tutorial on how to make a necklace display.

I also have an idea of my own (yes, I do have ideas sometimes) to make a jewelry display but I will show you in one of my next posts.


ingermaaike said...

A whole bunch of fun ideas!

StaroftheEast said...

Great findings!!! Some of them I knew but some of them not, really great inspiration!

Heli said...

I like that letter/number block idea! :)
Curious to see yours!

JK said...

Your blog is such fun!

Greet said...

Great ideas,
I have to think about makin one myself, nice to put it in your blog!

ixela said...

Wonderful ideas!... Great blog :)