12 Apr 2013

Ikea hack: from dvd rack to toiletries storage unit

ελληνικό κείμενο 

The house we have moved in last summer has a tiny tiny bathroom. In fact there is a room that is going to become our master bathroom but it is not ready yet. So we have to put up with the small one until then. The biggest problem is that there is no storage space at all.

I realized that the evening we moved in. Until then we stayed here only during July and August for our vacations when we brought only the necessary cosmetics and toiletries with us. But moving here for good I had to do something about the bags of things of that kind that came with us. I came up with two ideas: first to use the small space outside the bathroom to store toiletries. In this case I would need something thin enough, able to be squeezed in the 1,5 square meter between the bathroom and the kitchen, witch also includes four doors (you get the picture). Wondering which of our exixting stuff would fit, my eyes stopped on this Ikea dvd rack. We wouldn't need it anymore as the dvds would go elsewhere.

The rack proved pefect to host all the bottles and tubes but really, who wants to look at this ugly view several times a day?

So here's what I did (to be honest me and my husband did):

I opened my magic closet and found this fabric, which is cotton but looks a bit like burlap because of its color, and this stick. I remember 3 sticks like this in my magic closet for years, the time has come to use one of them at last! There are moments like this that I am so happy for keeping everything because "I may do something with this someday".

We opened two holes with a drill and put two screwable hooks in them.
We had chosen the size to fit the stick.We needed to open them a little with pliers.

Then I teared the fabric in long strips, I didn't use scissors because I wanted them to fray. I made them equally long to the length of the rack from the hooks to the bottom plus 5cm and so wide that if put side by side they would totally cover the front of the shelves.

I took a fabric strip and folded it over the stick so that approximately 5 cm of fabric were in the front side. I sawn a button to keep it in place. I did the same with all the strips.

 I added more buttons here and there as embellishments and glued some of  these fabric flowers with fabric glue.



Have you ever hacked an Ikea item?

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zina said...

wow! what a brilliant idea! The rack now really looks awesome!
Great tutorial and idea Tina!

Thank you for sharing :)

Kelly said...

Cute curtain idea. I love all the little flowers. Nice spring idea!

Gwen said...

Very clever use of the ribbon as curtain!

Laurie said...

It looks so much better now.

EveryDay Bloom said...

Clever, clever you! I love your hack. And I love that you called it a hack. Life was meant to be hacked. Next time I do something as cool as this, I will call myself a pro-hacker. (= Truly, I love this. Thanks for sharing your ikea hack. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

Abby / Linda said...

so creative!

Kiremithanem said...

Παρα πολυ ομορφο!!