19 Oct 2012

Favorites from the web

 ελληνικό κείμενο

Hello everyone!
Here a few gems I found lately on the web and would love to share with you.

First of all kitchens. I found this sweet, pretty, cozy kitchen on Rdeco.

It's definetely the style I want to (slooooowly sloooowly) achieve for my own new kitchen. Maybe I liked it so much because I have also painted mine red and blue.

A collection of so different but in a way so similar kitchens was featured on SF Girl by bay. More austere, not so colorful, just black and white, but equally charming and with a love for vintage objects. You should check them.

Later, a porch decorated to celebrate fall, posted on Do Not Disturb This Groove, caught my eye. Notice how everything is so well chosen and put just in the right place.

And here is another beautiful fall porch by Turnstyle Vogue, with all its pretty colors and details.

Aren't both telling you that they are the preview of a warm, welcoming home? Now I am even more embarassed about my own neglected porch.

I found the following centerpiece made of succulents on There Was a Crooked House  such an original idea to decorate a table.

Are you in a mood to make something? Why don't you embellish your storage boxes, folders, drawers etc. with these free printables found on Just Something I Made?

Last but not least I would like to share with you the cutest wooden stool by Κερασόπιτες.

Isn't the blogosphere a magical place?

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