26 Sept 2012

DIY burlap projects

ελληνικό κείμενο 

The humble burlap is definitely a strong trend in decorating, crafting and wedding styling. It's an amazing and versatile material, cheap, easy to find and 100% green. It is great if you want to achieve an unpretentious, rustic style and perfect if you are fond of French country style interiors. 
There are tons of diy burlap projects on the internet and here are a few of my favorites. 

 Burlap banner on DIY show off

Burlap bouquet on La Belle Bride

Cover ugly buckets and conainers in the garden with burlap the way Purple Area shows

My favorite, a ruffled burlap tablecloth for the ultimate French country style on French Country Cottage 

Burlap lamp on Redberry Barn 

Ruffle wreath by Jones Design Company

A diy project that requires special skills: chairs upholstered with vintage burlap cocoa sacks on  a saturday smile 

Happy crafting! 

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