18 Jan 2011

Vintage Paris images

ελληνικό κείμενο

A few days ago, looking for something in my parents' bookcase, oh joy, I stumbled upon this beautiful old book, featuring pictures of the most known Paris sites and attractions.

It must be older than a hundred years, only a few cars appear in the streets of Paris and in some pictures you only see horses and carriages. The pictures are so beautiful, black and white originally, colored by hand afterwards (no photo editing tools at the time!).

Looking at them makes you feel that life in Paris more than a century ago was perfect. I know that the world had always its problems, but seeing those elegant ladies and gentlemen strolling in the streets of this beautiful city, enjoying the sunshine, makes you want to join them immediately.

They are little works of art, I 'd love to see some of them framed on my wall, but I wouldn't dare destroy the book. My mom refuses to give it to me -how inpolite of her, don't you think?- which will bring me to the position to extremely delay to return it. I can't help it, I love this book!

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