11 Jan 2011

Organizing made a little more fun

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I bet that for many of you "getting more organized" was in the new year's resolution list maybe next to "read more books" or "loose weight". I promise to better organize my space and time every year. I have my good moments but most of the times it's a disaster. Once more I decided to be more organised through 2011. If you, like me, need some inspiration to do the job, keep reading.

Natalie Jost painted some old baking pans to use as containers for very small things.

Martha Stewart's Crafts dpt. suggestion is to use origami boxes to make the most of your drawers' space and to better organize all the tiny things that usually are randomly thrown in there. You can follow the instructions here

Some pretty labels will make it easier for you to organize your belongings. You can download some for free on Skip to my Lou for a simple, clean look 

or use those on Worldlabel if you are prefer a more romantic, vintage style. 

To do lists are very helpful if you forget half of the things you should do during the day, they way I usually do and are even better when they are as cute as those found on A Little Hut

or those by Stephanie Fizer found on Modish 

You may also put your recipes in order with these cards found on Tie that Binds via What about Orange

I hope I opened your apetite for some organizing.

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TATIANA said...

Been re-organising my craftroom the past few days... thanks for nice tips!!