10 Dec 2010

Holiday crafting with sweaters

ελληνικό κείμενο

What did I tell you the other time about the weather? It was a false alarm. The cold didn't last and despite the weather forecast for  the upcoming very low temperatures,  I took the decision to get reed of most of my woolen sweaters and knits which take up so much place in my closet. I wear them so rarely so I 'd rather make a wreath like this one on ReadyMade

οr maybe these lovely thrifted holiday trees

found on The long thread

If  I have a couple of sleeves left afterwards I may dress one or two candles the way Sweet Paul shows:

All three crafts give a warm, cosy feeling which are what we seek these days and are easy to make.


Theodora quilts said...

Hi Tina all the crafty ideas are wonderfull love them all ,but now that the cold wheather arrived bbrrr I hope you saved a couple of sweaters LOL, take care and stop by ,theodora

Cathie said...

beautiful projects!

wishing you the very best for christmas & the new year Tina
many hugs ♥