24 May 2010

Wedding cakes

Wedding season has already started and future brides have to decide about the wedding cake among other things. You must have noticed: wedding cakes lately are not what they used to be. They are spectacular, too pretty to eat! Not just a wedding reception dessert but a well designed piece of art. Made by patissiers who are designers too. So brides to be, scroll down to see some amazing wedding cakes I found on the web:

 The orchids are handmade of sugar (via Wicked Cakes Blog

I don't know how it tastes but I love the color, on the same blog 

another one with a modern zic zac pattern by Amy Atlas 

a funky wedding cake,

one inspired by the 1930's

and one in an elegant black and white combination, all found on
Perfect Wedding Day, where you can find a huge gallery of the most amazing wedding cakes.

What about purple? (Buttercakes by Evan)

or red? (Beautiful Bridal) 
Unconventional colors for a wedding but they will sure make an impression  

Here 's one inspired by the sea world via Wedding Wire
for those who love more quite colors

two blooming wedding cakes found on Project Wedding

a chocolate stiped one 

and one with orange and purple swirls,
both also found in Project Wedding

an asian inspired wedding cake found on Martha Stewart

one more inspired by the sea by Maria Xericou 

a playful wedding cake that combines dots and stripes, and different shaped tiers

How sweet is this one? And I don't mean the taste,

a wedding cake covered with pastel roses by Fancy Nancy

It would be very difficult for me to choose. Which one do you like most?


Unknown said...

yummmieeeeeeeee!!! θέλω να παντρευτώ ΤΩΡΑ! χιχι

Anonymous said...

the one with the black flowers more classy than the rest but the one covered all over with roses it's great but I would pick it out if the colour was just one,,,white or champagne..I like "solemn" colours for weddings.that's me!

TinaA said...

I agree that the last one is beautiful but a bit too much, probably it would look better with one color. I 'm in love with the yellow one with the pink roses.

kennady said...

I love the wedding cakethe "Will you marry me cake?" and the turtle cake. Love them!

Wedding Websites said...

Wow.. Beautiful Wedding Cake Design.. Awesome Thanks for sharing..