8 Apr 2009

Creative frames

Are you looking for alternative ways to display pictures or for creative frames? Here's what I found:

On Design Sponge I found this cool idea, so simple and so clever. You can make it in a couple of minutes.

Another idea is to use fake decal frames instead of real ones (decor8).

This is also a nice idea, I found it here.

This is a different frame, I found it on fototiller, visit it, it has lots of framing ideas.

What about frames from recycled materials?

from palette woods and aluminium cans

and from reclaimed tin ceilings

Below are some diy ideas for those who prefer to make things with their own hands.

An old window can become a beautiful photo frame. On Get Scatty you will read the instructions.

Time to look at lego tiles with a different eye.

A new role for pant hangers (casasugar). I think it 's a cool idea.

On casasugar again I found this photo frame from an old book but also the tutorial to make it.

If you have a worn frame you can make it look as new if you wrap around it strips of fabric (Canadian Home and Country).

All those tiny things you don't want to throw away but drive you crazy scattered around your house and in your drawers, found a new purpose of being: they can become a really unique frame. Found here.

Caryl Hope made this cute frame/display. Click here and here to see what she used, you'll be surprised.


creationsbyeve said...

You always find the most creative things!!!Very beautiful all!!!

Unknown said...

Very nice inspiring post!specially loved the 1st idea, since I have lots of jars :)

olivetreegirl said...

Φανταστικές ιδέες! Κυρίως ξετρελάθηκα με τις κορνίζες με τα κουτάκια αναψυκτικών αλλά και με την τελευταία κατασκευή!

φάβα said...

super post! :)