18 Oct 2008

My vintage style gifts / Τα παλιομοδίτικα δώρα μου

Vassiliki is one of my best friends and of course she knows I adore everything vintage or vintage style. She currently lives in Aachen - Germany but she often comes to Greece. At the moment she 's here again and look what cute gifts she brought me.

Two replicas of old advertising tins, ready to hang

and two victorian children figures made of cardboard. I have something in mind about what to do with them.

I love getting this kind of gifts!


karlita said...


Unknown said...

such delightful gifts! What a lovely friend!

ingermaaike said...

Great gifts from a great friend!

faraona said...

Υπεροχα ολα!!!!
Εχω τρελλαθει με το μπλογκ σας.

την καλησπερα μου

Morrgan said...

What a great friend, those are lovely gifts!

storybeader said...

what a nice friend. I love that your blog is bilingual - how thoughtful!