27 Oct 2008

How to (re)use doilies

Most of us have bags stuffed with doilies hidden in some closet which we deny to let appear at any spot of the house but on the other hand don't want to throw away because we know they were made with love and a lot of work by some granny or auntie. If this is your case look here to see what Jessica of Scrumdillydilly has to suggest about how you can use them: to make grocery bags, although I think they are too cute to restrict them to grocery.


ixela said...

Simply adorable... great cute finds!!!

The Downtown Boutique said...

What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

faraona said...

Ωραια ιδεα Τινα!
Κι εχουμε απ αυτα μπόλικα!
Μας δινεις και πολυ ακριβεις πληροφορειες ραφης παντως ...μπραβο σου χρεισοχερα!

καλο βραδυ

storybeader said...

what a cute idea! Thanks for passing it on.