11 Sept 2008

A (completely) altered Ikea frame

In Greece it's still summer, but since everybody is back to work and school has already started the only thing we are left with is to remember our holidays and try to keep the feeling with relevant decor and crafting. So did Plyto who made a beautiful mirror using a plain Ikea frame and the beach treasures she 's been collecting during summer: drift woods, starfishes, shells. She used a hot glue gun to adhere the woods side by side on the frame like a puzzle and wherever the woods didn't match well, she added starfishes and shells on top of the gaps to cover them and to add interest to the composition. She added a piece of mirror to the frame exactly as she would add a photograph or art ...et voilà! The mirror now hangs proudly over her fireplace in her beach house.


StaroftheEast said...

Love that mirror!!!

creationsbyeve said...

lovely frame!!!!very pretty!!

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so unusual and beautiful! I love it!