2 Jul 2008

Recycled art

Recycling is a trend, a useful one I must admit. And this is a fact in the field of crafting and art too. I love finding out what talented artists can make out of things that we consider just trash. Aluminum, especially this deriving from used drink cans, seems to inspire a lot of jewelry designers to create interesting and original pieces of jewelry. See what I found:

At re-modern this Aluminum Chain Bracelet by Escama.

At Etsy this Letter A Lavender Hand Necklace - Recycled Aluminum Drink Can by urbanwoodswalker.

Στο Etsy αυτό το κολλιέ με μονόγραμμα από ανακυκλωμένο κουτάκι αναψυκτικού από την urbanwoodswalker

And look at this cheerful bracelet and brooch I found at Swift Jewelry Designs

Some more bracelets by D-LICIOUS.
Μερικά ακόμη βραχιόλια φτιαγμένα από την D-LICIOUS.

and something more from Etsy by mannmadedesigns

And here is a tutorial for a recycled tab bracelet for those who want to try their hand in the making of jewelry from recycled materials.


ingermaaike said...

Great finds, recycling rocks!

StaroftheEast said...

Recycling rocks indeed, awesome findings!