22 Jul 2008

Don't underestimate papier mache

Recently I played with paper m âch é
to make the brooches you see in the pictures which you can find in my online shop. But you can create wonders with it. Think about the green aspect of it too, what better way to use the piles of newspapers that accumulate with time? China, Persia, Kashmir were important centres of the paper mâché art which later reached Europe, especially France and England. Can you believe that these were made of paper mâché? Three pen cases from Persia, 19th century. ( The above pictures are taken from the book "New Crafts - Papier Mâché" by Marion Elliot.) But let's see some beautiful, more contemporary creations:  Those of you who love crafting should try paper mâché.I will give some recipes soon.

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Greet said...

wow, can't wait to make things in papier maché, really want to try it out!