16 Oct 2013

I want it all! Beautiful handmade jewelry

 ελληνικό κείμενο

What could make me feel a lot better this rainy day? Of course my favorite game of searching for beautiful handmade jewelry by talented people around the web. Style does not matter, only imagination, originality and flawless execution. Enjoy!

faceted rock plated ring by Maroulina

oxidized copper earrings by mardecoLorrosa 

anodized aluminium bangles by Meghan o' Rourke 

wrought inlay bracelet by Natasha Wozniak 

mixed media cuff by Fanciful Devices 

stackable enamel silver rings by Nafsika 

rings by Romi Bukovec 

rustic bangle by Beau Miracle Jewelry 

minimal steel earrings by Hannah Hoffman


zina said...

so unique! beautiful!

jelly andrews said...

Oh my! How I love to have them. All those jewelries are really stunning. They are unique and made creatively. Thanks for sharing them.