23 Sept 2013

How to use your summer mementos to decorate your house

ελληνικό κείμενο

Hello everyone!

It's the end of September and I know that this blog was away for a very long holiday! To tell you the truth I didn't plan it exactly like this. At first I thought that even after the schools were closed I would be able to keep a part of my daily schedule and write at least a few posts. A few days later I had totally changed my mind. I had to keep the kids entertained at least a few hours per day, and to be honest I found myself totally incapable and reluctant to resist the blissful indolence of greek summer. I remind you that we live 500 meters from the beach, can you blame me? I was never known for my self-discipline anyway.

And now here I am, full of new appetite to discover beautiful things and creative ideas and share them with you. Together with some, not much, diy I did around the house, the few times I decided to interrupt my relaxation.

I thought that the best way to reboot is to look for ideas to use our summer mementos in our home's decoration. Here's what I found:

Make an ocean diorama 

Display your summer photos in a jar 

Put everything that reminds you of your travels in a shadow box like this

or this one

Cover a whole wall with a big collage of maps and pictures

Hang your summer pictures and other mementos with pegs inside a frame

Alternatively you could use the map of the place you visited as a background

Print your pictures on white organza to make these glass candle holders

A shadow box could also host your sea treasures

What about putting everything in a small suitcase? So cute!

Use shells and woods you found at the beach to decorate a mirror's frame

You can always paint the pebbles you collected and stack them here and there in the house

A box can be used both for keeping and displaying your summer mementos

 If you have an all time favorite destination, dedicate a small piece of furniture to it.

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zina said...

really beautiful ideas!