4 Apr 2013

Favorites from the internet

ελληνικό κείμενο 

Hello my beloved readers! I don't want to make you feel jealous but this morning, for the second time this week I had my morning coffee at a cafe on the beach and it was amazing! I fully enjoy spring this year since we now live in the country near the sea. Spring was always my favorite season, now I love it even more.

Let's take a look at all the pretty things I discovered on the internet lately:

 Lighthing made of brass on Bliss 

Give a boho style to a boring jacket with crochet like La brocante de Margotte

Scandinavian style paper lanterns by Jurianne Matter on Bloesem 

 A lovely diy bow bracelet on Popcosmo

The beautiful handmade dolls of Zoe 

The fairytale illustrations of Lisa Congdon

Eco-friendly, handcrafted linens on Jewelweeds

1 comment:

zina said...

Adorable all of them! Really Tina, great choices!

And I am jealous about having a coffee by the sea! Have a great day :)