2 Apr 2013

Denim and sweater fabric brooches

ελληνικό κείμενο 

Hello everyone, I have been away from my blog for many days because I am spending a lot of time trying to organize my craft supplies shop and push it one step closer to what I want to make it. Spring is here and where we live it feels really wonderful. It awakened my slightly sleepy desire for home decor projects. Last Saturday though I felt the urge to make something small and quick for myself, something girly to go with the sunny weather.

I opened my magic closet and took out some old denim and sweater pants (I have bags of them) and decided to make a brooch. I also found this cute pink dotted fabric and white lace.

I cut one circle of the sweater fabric and one of the denim fabric. I used the scalloped scissors to cut circles of the pink fabric. Each circle was slightly smaller than the previous. I also cut four equally sized circles of the lace fabric.

I put one circle on top of the other and secured them with a few stitches in the centre.

I folded each lace circle twice and sewed their point right on the centre of the circles.

This was too much sewing for me so I used fabric glue to attach a pin on the back.

As soon as I finished I thought I could make another evening but not too formal brooch. I re-opened my magic closet and pulled out some black lace and a vintage button.

I cut two circles of denim and sweater fabric and then pleated the lace in a free form way. I played a little with it until I liked the result.

I sewed the lace on the fabric circles and added the button. I finished with gluing the pin on the back.

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Green Girl said...

Love the DIY! it looks easy enough to do and i think Im gonna try it :) thanks, happy monday=)

zina said...

Great ideas! adorable both of them :)

Mormorsglamour- pyssel och inredning said...

This one is so pretty! It´s great to get organized sometimes, I just have to be better on that...