21 Jan 2013

The remains of a wardrobe part 1: the chalkboard

ελληνικό κείμενο 

Some years ago, while staying at this house during our summer vacations, I discovered in the far depths of the basement an old wardrobe. Normally I should have discovered it years earlier but I usually wasn't eager to make more than a few steps into this basement. Of course I was thrilled with my find and made some big plans of how I would use it as soon as I took it out of the dark and brought it upstairs. 

The time came, and when last summer we moved to this house for good, during a long and exhausting procedure of rearranging all our belongings to make the house work, the wardrobe came out on the surface. Alas! Its bottom half was destroyed beyond repair due to the fact the basement was flooded years ago. So the wardrobe was broken into pieces and thrown to a pile with useless stuff in the garden. I couldn't deal with the fact I had lost this piece of furniture that had caused so much daydreaming and kept coming everyday in front of the pile to let my tears fall on the ground (o.k. I am a bit exagerating here). And then it hit me: if I couldn't have it all, at least I should have a piece of it. Which was a whole door and this part of a door you see today. 

Now it is in my kitchen, after I sanded it and painted with chalkboard paint I made myself. Martha Stewart says how here, and Centsational Girl did it like this. I used a small plastic party cup of matt black emulsion with a full teaspoon of tile grout powder. On the chalkboard you read the question that tortures my every day life: what should I cook today?

There will be a part 2 but I can't tell when. Have a great week! 

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Unknown said...

Bellissima la lavagnetta!

Meeha Meeha said...

You made the chalkboard paint? Great! The sign looks lovely, good luck with finding inspiration for your meals!

Monsterscircus said...

Hi Tina! Wow that should not be hidding away! I love what you did with the chalk paint, it looks great and it's ideal for the kitchen!!! I want to have one also :-) hope you're enjoying the week and thank you for the inspiration!