25 Oct 2009

Some very special chandeliers

Madeleine Boulesteix started making chandeliers when she found some old glass drops. She continued by adding to her list of materials, teacups, glasses, kitchen utensils, and other recycled objects she finds in charity shops, flea markets and scrap metal yards. I think the result is gorgeous:

My favorites are her one bulb lanterns:

North Glenn Glass makes oil lamps with the finest reclaimed glass bottles. There is  a central bottle filled with water which acts as a  rise and fall counterweight  but also as lens that catches the light and projects all shades of light in the surroundings.


Janet Happy Girl said...

yikes...I love the second one...how very beautiful

Anonymous said...

Awesome, so unique!

Unknown said...

Μπράβο πολύ ωραίο θέμα γλυκιά μου. Τρέχω να το ψάξω!