24 Mar 2009

Doilies, the come back

If you have spent many years hating this kind of handcrafted creation, thinking of it as boring, old fashioned and bad taste, it's time to change your mind. Doilies are everywhere, either the real thing or their motifs, but happily, they now look fresh, contemporary and desirable. And if you have thrown away your grandma's doilies you will be very sorry.

On Supermarket I found this wall vinyl decal by Elly Nelly

beauideal makes these stylish note cards.

Look at this easy way to decorate your candle holders, it would be perfect decoration for a wedding reception, found on Sweet Paul.

makes this beautiful garland from doilies and linen. It would also look very pretty in a wedding party I think, but I would love to put it in my house too.

Here's a key fob by MaryMo

Another wedding decoration on Once Wed.

This is a table made from laser cut acrylic, designed by David Eveleigh and Melissa Evans, found on MoCo Loco.

Look how beautiful are these stones covered with crochet. They're made by knitalatte.

I loved this idea! What a nice way to reclaim all those doilies you 've been hiding for years! You 'll find this lamp in nice.

If you appreciate all the work behind a crocheted doily or have memories connected to it and wonder how to incorporate them in a simple and elegant interior, here's a pretty way. See how to do it on Craftynest.


creationsbyeve said...

I have tons of doilies in my closets!!!Yoy gave me great ideas to exploit them!!!Great post!!!

antigoni said...

Great post Tina....as always!!!!
I love your themes...!!

Η μαμα μου που ειναι χρυσοχερα μου εχει γεμισει τα συρτάρια....μηπως ηρθε η ωρα να τα βγάλω και αυτα??και να γινω πιο μοντερνα????

dekko said...

γιαπ! Πολύ καλή αναφορά στη δαντέλα που όντως κάνει δυναμική επανεμφάνιση!

Etsy Greek Street Team said...

wow tina einai toso special post.... bravo|)

Anonymous said...

καιρος να βγαλω τα σεμεδακια απο την ντουλαπα!
thank you

artistico said...

beautiful.. beautiful|) bravo tina super post

fel4u said...

You can't imagine how many I have!
I am keeping them in my drawers!
I think I have to take them out!
The time is now!!!!

TinaA said...

Όλα τα σεμέν στη φόρα! I asked the other day my mother "where do we keep all those doilies?" and she looked at me like I was crazy.

StaroftheEast said...

I discovered sweet pauls blog a while back and loved what he does with doilies!! Love kintallete too and that lamp is gorgeous! Wonderful post, Tina!

Unknown said...

δεν ήμουν ποτέ φαν των σεμέν! ειλικρινά όμως μέσα από το ποστ σου βρήκα πραγματικά πρωτότυπες ιδέες. με highlight αυτή για τη διακόσμηση στα κηροπήγια! :) τέλεια!

Kel said...

These are fantastic ideas.
The hanging lamp is SO SWEET.
I love it.
Framed doilies are perfect wall hanging, so interesting.

olivetreegirl said...

Αυτές οι κορνίζες με τα πετσετάκια είναι φανταστικές!