19 Apr 2013

Repurposed frame

ελληνικό κείμενο 

I decided to decorate my table a bit because for months all you could find on it was papers, toys and and a laptop. So I collected a few things to make a small decorative composition but couldn't decided where to put it on. I should make something. 

This frame hang on the wall of my old bedroom, and I thought it was just the right style and size for what I wanted to do.

I also found this cute dotty fabric and two old handmade doilies.

I ironed the fabric well. I removed the print from the frame and used the cardboard on the back to cut the fabric in the right size.

I turned the frame upside down. I put first the doilies and on top of them the fabric in a way that the wrong side was on top.

I tried to keep the fabric as stretched as possible and put the cardboard back.

Now I have a base to put my decorative objects on. 

See you later with the winning names of the giveaway. There is still time to enter. 

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STARDUST said...

Γλυκύτατο! Αν του έβαζες και δύο χερουλάκια θα μπορούσες να το χρησιμοποιήσεις και σαν δισκάκι.
Καλό Σ/Κ!

___ said...

Υπέροχο! Mου αρέσει κιόλας που είναι κίτρινο. Πολύ φρέσκο. Σχεδόν μύρισε καλοκαίρι.

Anzouya said...

Τέλεια ιδέα και τόσο χαρούμενο το χρωματάκι!

Ivy and Elephants said...

So pretty and yet very practical, too.
Great idea, thanks for sharing.