1 Feb 2013

Make a bracelet with vintage buttons

ελληνικό κείμενο

With the moving and all the home decor projects it has been a long time since I made any kind of jewelry and I missed it. Today I am going to show how to use a few buttons that are worth showing off to make a bracelet.

Here are the things you will need:

Ribbon, vintage buttons, ribbon ends as wide as your ribbon, jump rings and clasp, thread and fabric glue.

Cut your ribbon twice as long as you want your bracelet to be. Don't forget that the ribbon ends and clasp will add 1 or 2 cm to the final length. Fold the ribbon in two.

Decide where you want each button and stitch them.

Add fabric glue to one half of the ribbon and press the two halfs together until they are well glued together and look like one.

Add the ribbon ends (with a drop of glue), the jump rings and clasp.

Your bracelet is ready!

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elena said...

Τι όμορφα που έγιναν!Νομίζω θα κάνω μια επισκεψούλα στη γιαγια μου.
(Υπέροχη η παλιά έκδοση της Πριγκιπέσσας Ιζαμπώ, την ψάχνω καιρό...)

Meeha Meeha said...

Where did you find the vintage buttons, I'm jealous :)))
Now without kidding, your bracelets are beautiful... and I love the moss green ribbon very much... what a dark, unusual but beautiful color choice for the buttons!

mirsini's creations said...

Ώωωω...πάρα πολυ όμορφα..και αυτά τα παλιά κουμπιά είναι υπέροχα !!! Σε ευχαριστούμε για την έμπνευση και τις οδηγίες !!

TinaA said...

Thank you for your nice comments!
I got some of the buttons on ebay years ago, and a few others were found in a box where I keep buttons of my mother and my mother in law.

STARDUST said...

Υπέροχα! Θέλωωωωωω!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina.
That's really a wonderful idea, and love that it's inexpensive! And quite easy to make them unique, when using vintage buttons. So awsom idea, thank you for that!

Gloria said...

Very pretty! I have a jar or two of buttons collected over the years. Yours are lovely.


Earning-My-Cape said...

Ooh! Very pretty!!!
Congrats! I will be featuring you at my Super Link Party tomorrow (Wednesday)!
If you send me the html for your blog button, I will display it under Featured Guests on my sidebar for the week, too!
Thanks for linking with me! :-)

Usakou うさこう said...

Whoa,this looks so autentic !! I have an own vintage button :3 I have a feeling that it might be look great,definetely going to try this !! Thanks for this idea :)

Venetta said...

This is cool!

Amber said...

This is cool!

cforcrafts said...

very pretty bracelet and the way you made it it is awesome i like it.