15 Feb 2013

Favorites from the web

It's been raining for days and the winter seems endless. But you know the cure, a bit of crafting can blow the blues away. 

Looking for ideas to personalize a lampshade? I love this one with the small pom poms but you will find many more here.

You can also make some easy calling cards this way 

or an impressive wreath for your door out of plastic spoons like this

These patterned paint rollers are great, the final effect is that of a wallpaper.

I know exactly what would cheer me up. If only I could land in this amazing thrift store in Marseille, preferably with some money in my pocket!

But I wouldn't say no either to this multicolor pottery that would bring spring on my table.

Those who can't stop dreaming of summer and traveling, must click here to enjoy plenty of pictures full of cuteness and retro beauty. 

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