26 Feb 2013

A walk around the creative workshops of Athens part 2

ελληνικό κείμενο 

This post continues from this one.

To visit Sous Sol we had to just cross the street. Maria Velizioti and Yiorgos Andritsakis while renovating this space, they found out that apart from the two rooms in front, used previously by a painter of orthodox icons, there were more rooms in the back as well as a small yard.

They use now this maze of rooms and corridors with the homy feeling to display and sell vintage furniture and other objects that they makeover or alter creatively but also to host art exhibitions.

A few minutes walk and here we are at Marneri Gallery, which has been a very well known gallery of the city for years, and was recently relocated to this neighborhood under the Parthenon. Besides all the artwork that is hosted here, what makes this space unique is the fact that part of it stands above the ruins of ancient roman houses and spas.

jewelry by Voula Karampatzaki

Later Christina Skouloudi welcomed us in her design studio where she talked to us about her creative process and about how contemporary design connects and gives new reason to be to traditional techniques and professions that tend to become extinct.

Strolling in Plaka is always pleasant. Our steps brought us to Hellenic Art and Design
where Callioppe Spyridonos talked to us about how she chooses design items for her shop and about various exhibitions and other actions that support greek design in which she is involved. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take good pictures so I stole a couple from HAD FB page.

We ended up at Matalou at Home's opening party for her new shop in Plaka.

After this walk which I enjoyed a lot I have a few things to say.

To Alternative Tours of Athens and by local Athens: congratulations, great idea!

To fans of fashion, jewelry, accessories, home decor items: stop dressing or decorating your home the way everyone else does. Look for unique, handmade things, they are all around us and they are made by some very talented people. Support them instead of some huge multinational company.

To artists and crafters in Athens considering opening their own shop: think seriously about Makriyanni, an artistic neighborhood is taking shape there. You don't have to have a huge amount of money. Most of the people I wrote about in these two last posts worked with their own hands. Maria and Yiorgos of Sous Sol revealed the stones on the walls by digging the plaster themselves. There is nothing luxurious in their shops, just imaginative, stylish, low budget ideas.

To visitors of Athens: I hope you will not want to bring back home typical ugly, kitchy souvenirs from Plaka. If you read this post and the previous one, you know where to find well designed, handmade objects.

By local Athens has printed and distributes a map of Athens with interesting "handmade" addresses which you can find in hotels like City Circus, A for Athens, and coffee shops and restaurants like Makalo, Magaze, Mama Roux, 42 Bar.


FishesMakeWishes said...

part two was just as interesting as part one! so nice to see not only beautiful shops but ones with a clear vision and style.

Anna said...

μπραβο για αυτα που γραφεις και δειχνεις! να εισαι καλα!!!

Meeha Meeha said...

What a beautiful tour, everything looks fantastic, especially the vintage shop!