14 Jan 2013

Little house of the fairytale

ελληνικό κείμενο

I had seen this house more than a year ago on the internet and I am very happy I stumbled upon it again. Seeing the pictures I first thought it was a house somewhere in the english or french country. It was a surprise to read that it is located in Athens, near the noisy and heavily trafficked Kifissias boulevard which links the centre of the city with the northern suburbs. The family that lives there has the luck to live in the country while being in the city. I love this house, it is what I want our house to look like after a few years as far as it concerns its exterior.

Regarding the inside decoration it suits better my taste of more than a decade ago. I like it but I wouldn't decorate my house like this right now, let's say I would really enjoy spending a few days there as a guest. I love the sunrooms, because I also dream of one. I am jealous of all the beautiful vintage objects the owners have collected and I find the unexpected and maximalistic combinations of colors and things very charming.


Click here for more pictures and the story of the house (in greek).


Bety said...

Favorite color! Beauty and light!
Thanks for sharing!

Meeha Meeha said...

Ha ha, I would have sweared it was in the English country side, perhaps because of the washed color. Gorgeous!

STARDUST said...

Super duper house! Tons of personality! Following you via GFC and blogloving' now!