8 Dec 2012

Psalidi kai Kordela: a workshop with handmade things

ελληνικό κείμενο

Today I am starting a series of posts dedicated to Greek designers, crafters, shops and anything beautiful and creative that happens here and catches my eye.There are several reasons why I am doing this. First, when I see a beautiful handmade creation I always wonder about the person and the story behind it. Second, in these hard times, people who have the courage to pursue their dreams need any possible support, even if it is as small as the one my blog can offer. And of course I want to help those who value handmade things and creative minds more than impersonal department stores, and I hope they are many, discover talents near them.

The start will be made by Tatiana and Psalidi kai Kordela (meaning Scissors and Ribbon) an online shop full of handmade goodies, vintage romantism and english country style.

Tatiana was born in Athens and lives in Chalandri, a suburb, with her husband and two children. Psalidi and Kordela exists since February 2011. It is a workshop that creates mainly handmade invitations and favors for weddings and baptisms, but also gifts for newborns, bags, seasonal items and handmade gifts in general. It works as a workshop in Chalandri, which anyone can visit by appointment. It also works online as an
eshop that carries mostly handmade gifts and a small collection of handmade favors.



Lucky charms 2013

Tatiana's studies had nothing to do with her current activity. She studied pedagogical sciences and went to England for her masters in education of children with special needs. Coming back in Greece she worked in private day nurseries and kindergartens for almost 13 years. Two years ago she left her job and decided to start her workshop since her love for handmade things started in her early years. She is totally self-taught, but her background with handcrafting in her former professional field is a very important experience.


 The workshop 

Do you remember your first non-professional handmade creation? 
It was a small embroidery. 

Which is your favorite style in decoration and clothing? Show us a picture of the ideal room and outfit for you. 
I adore the simple lines and soft colors - the more pastel, the better! For my work I prefer more vintage choices, but for my personal space I prefer more modern lines. I like swedish design a lot. The style I like for my clothes is very simple but always in fashion. My favorite designer is Michael Kors.  

Micheal Kors 

Do you have a tip for a low budget upgrade of your space? 
I was looking recently for an economical solution for a table to put additionally in the workshop I discovered an old table of my mother, totally abandoned and destroyed by humidity, but didn't loose my nerve. With a little sandpaper and some bottles of white spray paint I turned it into a gem for my space!

How is it to have a small business in Greece today?
It is quite difficult... if you think about the big competition there is in handmade items and especially those related to wedding and baptism... But I continue with a big enthusiasm  because I love what I do and I hope that my efforts don't go wasted.

 Handmade favors 

What you love most in your work and what you hate? 
I love the whole process, from the inspiration, the making of the samples, to the execution, the photoshoot (a part I never thought I can do by myself!), the site updating, the presentation on the blog...
I hate that I have a great difficulty to convince my clients about the cost of the time I invest in every piece. They consider that any handmade object is easy and simple, while in reality it may take quite some time to be prepared.


 Handmade invitations

What's the good and the bad of having an online shop? 
The good news is that people get to know you and with the right use of the internet you can easily become recognisable and have very good results. 
The bad news is that Greeks and especially women who are the target group of Psalidi kai Kordela, aren't still familiar with online shopping, they hesitate to use their credit cards because of their fear of being cheated.  

What is your vision for your work? 
I want my work to grow little by little, to become strong and stable. My aim will always be to preserve the quality of the items I make and carry.  

Apart from the handmade objects, you can find in  Psalidi kai Kordela kits for children to make things, in beautiful retro style, perfect if you are looking for something to make a difference as a gift for children.  

Even if the eshop is mostly in greek you can contact Tatiana to ask her anything in english. Go and like Psalidi kai Kordela on Facebook because Tatiana is going to have a giveaway there in the next days which you don't want to miss. 


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