21 Sept 2012

Design lights and color power cord

ελληνικό κείμενο

I instantly fell in love with these fantastic handmade lights designed by Yvonne Fehling, Jennie Peiz which I discovered via DesignMadness.

A simple idea - these are the best anyway - and many meters of cord have this playful and very stylish result.

And these are the Plumen economy bulbs designed by Samuel Wilkinson for Hulger.

No need to try to hide your economy bulbs anymore. But I really think this set wouldn't be as exciting without the colorful power cords.

Am I hearing ideas popping in your heads?
I did some googling and found these sites that carry color textile power cord:
Archisource, Snoerboer, Zangra, Historic Lighting. Textile cord is not cheap, especially if you want to use many meters but it really makes a difference.

Don't they look yummy? (snoerboer)


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