21 Jan 2011

Weekend, time for crafting

ελληνικό κείμενο

Another week is ending, and I guess I am not the only one who hopes to squeeze  a bit of crafting among all the other things left to be done during the weekend. So here are a few crafting ideas I hope you find interesting:

A book bag 

found on Country Living. You will need a book, a bit of fabric, a button, some ribbon, a set of handles and the instructions.

The  second crafting project is for those who sew, I still haven't learn how to sew (I can add this to the to-do-list for 2011, it's still January). It doesn't seem too hard, though I have decided never to say that anymore. Nothing seems hard until you start making it.

A scarf 

made of knit fabric found on Make it and Love it.

Happy weekend everyone, even if you don't make what I suggested, make something!


creationsbyeve said...

beautiful craft ideas!!

feel what I felt said...

lovely ideas!
have a nice day :)