8 Jun 2010

Lights please!

 ελληνικό κείμενο

The lights I am showing you today have not so much in common but I like all of them!
The first case is a -literally- bright idea, lights made of vintage crystal decanters, after their bottom has been removed. They look beautiful in a cluster, the light sparkles as it  passes through the crystal, adding luxury and elegance to the room.

Made by interior designer  Lee Broomer, via Apartment Therapy.  

Here's a lamp that looks like a book, designed by My-Seung Kim and Myung-Seo Kang, found on HomeDosh. The light can be adjusted by opening the book more or less.

 The last one is a pair of lights made of wooden shoe trees, steel pipe and sphere lamps by Junction Products, a company that makes amazing things from stuff that people consider to be junk. I have a similar pair of shoe trees, I could try to make something like this.

I think all three ideas are very special and the addition of one of them in a room would immediately add character to it. 


ceemee said...

Those are just lovely!

Anonymous said...

the book is great and symbolic! would definitely go for that one reminding me to read more! all the best:)

victoria0926 said...

I love the first room.. this designer took all of the factors into consideration. Even the slightest details such as the candle holders on the table and the trim are delicately done and handled with the utmost sense of importance. Thank you for bringing these trendy household goodies to my attention!

Annemarie's Haakblog said...

I love the book! It's really very original.

MUS said...

loove the book lamp!