31 May 2010

Need some color inspiration?

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Whether you are ready to start your next crafting project, or you are building a new website,  or you are renovating a room or even planning your wedding reception, it's sure you will have to decide about colors. Do you feel you came out of ideas or the ones you have proved to be rather unsuccessful? Don't panic, tones of inspiration are waiting for you on some sites.

Kuler is a free web hosted application you can use to generate color themes for your project, whatever that is. You can explore thousands of color themes, make and try  your own themes, create color themes from a picture.

Do you have a favorite color but have not a clue about how you should combine it? Visit Color Hunter,
write the name of the color you love and tens of color palettes including this color will appear. For example if you put turquoise, you will get these

and many more.You can also make palettes from images you can upload from your computer or from the web.

COLOURlovers is a site loaded with everything you would like to know about color. Thousands of palettes and patterns, tools, color trends regarding handmade creations, home interiors, fashion, and a very inspirational blog for those who need something more than plain palettes to get inspired.

If looking at color palettes is not enough to sparkle your inspiration, it is very likely that a visit to the following blogs will do.
On the famous decor8 under the tag color me pretty you will discover pictures bursting with colors that will make your heart beat.

Modish on the other hand uses the title color me happy for the colorboards he puts together where clothes, accessories and home decor objects in one or two colors, for example peaches and cream

are combined to give you tones of color inspiration

100 Layer Cake is a blog about weddings, nevertheless it can give you lots of ideas about color combinations. Color is color whether it's about your sofa and curtains, or the wool for the next scarf you want to knit. I love the colorboards on this blog.

And if you still haven't found what you are looking for, try the inspiration boards

Don't forget to check  Ali Edward's post . She is a  scrapbooker and she gives an A to Z list of color inspiration sources. From art and candy to quilts and the zoo, it seems that thousand of color combination ideas are around us.


elina said...

το site σου ειναι τελειο! πηγη εμπνευσης!! σε προσθεσα στα favorites!!! μπαραβο! τελεια αισθητικη

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Elina. This is far too wonderful and resourceful. Keep up the good and creative work. See www.thesuccinctstylist.com / adding you

TinaA said...

Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ, με χαροποιούν ιδιαίτερα τα σχόλια σας.