29 Dec 2008

Vogue Knitting

I don't knit, although as a kid I had learned the basics. Those who do, probably know the existence of a Vogue specially made for them, Vogue Knitting. A look at their current cover convinced me that knits can not only be trendy, bohemian, feminine, warm, colorful, creative but also complete a glamorous evening look.

On their site you will find knitting tutorials but also many patterns for gorgeous handmade creations, some free some for sale

I hope that someone (she knows who), who used to know how to knit, and often talks about starting again, finds here the inspiration to do so at last!


Heli said...

Good luck :)
Those are super beautiful finds!

olivetreegirl said...

Χμμμ... Βλέπω η Vogue αντέγραψε τα πλεκτά μου βραχιόλια! Με τεράστια επιτυχία μπορώ να πω!:-)
Καλωσόρισες Τίνα, μου έλειψαν οι αναρτήσεις σου! Χρόνια πολλά και καλή χρονιά!

Angelica said...

geia sou tina. i mesaia lefki tsanta einai o,ti kalitero...