23 Nov 2008

How to make christmas ornaments using your old cds

It's already time for christmas crafting so here 's one from my sister. She used old cds /dvds, glue and knitting left overs.

She glued two cds together so that she had two shiny surfaces and then she wrapped wool in two or three colors around the cds not covering them totally so that the shining shows through the gaps.

And here's another idea, you make a coil with wool in the center of the cd which you secure with glue, and also make a circle with wool on the perimeter of the cd using glue again.

They're simple and beautiful and most importantly you recycle some useless objects.


Δημιουργία said...

Ξερω τα αμπιγιε τσαντακια που ειναι φτιαγμενα απο cd,τωρα εμαθα και τα πολυ ομορφα στολιδια.Καλη ιδεα και βοηθαει και στην ανακυκλωση!

Lucky Girl said...

What a terrific idea! I'm going to keep the kids busy for hours with this one!

olivetreegirl said...

Super ιδέα! Μπράβο στην αδερφή σου, απ΄ ότι φαίνεται πάει σόι το βασίλειο!! Θα τη δοκιμάσω σίγουρα!

φάβα said...

Clever! Μπραβο :))))

faraona said...

Καταπληκτικα ειναι!!!
Πωπω ...και μια καλη ευκαιρια για να αδειασουν τα ράφια μας...

καλο βραδυ

sweetytots said...

this is cute!thanks for sharing..
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Sweety tots

creationsbyeve said...

πολύ πρωτότυπη ιδέα!!!!