27 Jun 2008

Turquoise earrings

Back in the eighties when big, plastic, bad taste jewelry was in fashion, a different kind of jewelry shop opened in my neighborhood in Athens. It sold beautiful, handmade, elegant, imaginative, artistic jewelry, made mainly of sterling silver and gemstones - it was too early for the mixed media trend in jewelry making. I don't want to say that I was so sophisticated that time, as a teenager I wore what most girls wore those years, but when I first entered this shop it was like entering a new world. Every time we visited with my mother, usually when we wanted to buy a "good" present, I wished that there were a lot of people shopping at the moment, so that the lady who owned the shop would delay to take care of us and I would take my time to enjoy all the fine, amazing things in there. Sometimes I believe that this thing I have for jewelry began in there. In the summer when I was 13 my mother bought me that sweet pair of earrings made of sterling silver and turquoise chips in some kind of transparent medium - resin maybe. I loved them and wore them a lot until I forgot them in the depths of some drawer. I rediscovered them a few years ago and started wearing them again. The shop doesn't exist anymore but it is amazing how fresh the earrings look after almost 24 years. And they always remind me of summer.

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Littlellama said...

These look great!! Love the tag.