10 Feb 2008

Welcome to my blog!

I am a self taught jewelry artist based in Athens, Greece. I am selling my handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop called "The Princess Next Door". So this blog will be about my jewelry.
But not only my jewelry.
I am crazy about everything that has to do with home decor. So every time I find something I like, I will share it with you here.
I also love, as most women do, clothes and accessories, so if I see something really cool and especially handmade by indie creators I will post it here.
But not only that. Crafts, arts, design, beautiful handmade objects, images, colours, every little thing that can make you look and feel special or make your space look better or make a moment in your day feel more sweet, can find a place here.
I hope you enjoy this as much as -I believe- I will myself.

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