19 Feb 2008

Grandma's hair barette

If you ever become a regular visitor to this blog you will soon find out how much I love old things. But not only old, even those that just have a vintage style. But the ones that truly come from the past, I really adore them. They bear an irresistible charm on them. They belong to times where people took the time to create beautiful handmade things of great craftmanship just because mass production was an unknown word.

I have such an object which I keep like a treasure. It's my grandma's hair barette. I don't know if it has any real money value but for me it's precious. My grandma (who has passed the way) was born circa 1905 and lived most of her life in Constantinople.This hair barette belonged to her when she was a child so you see it's an antique. It is hand carved and made of tortoiseshell. I love the design, it looks so romantic. I like to think how precious this object would be to a girl in a time that big stores full of women accessories sounded like science fiction. Isn't it just beautiful?

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glasfaden said...

It's a lovely barrette!! I also love to those things, which my grandma or my mom has had as they were young. Too bad, I have left them at home as I went to Germany to study. Now I don't remember, where I've kept them and my mom has thrown many things away :(